Hubble Hyperbolic Newtonian Astrograph Optics:

  • Hubble Optics has a breakthrough Hyperbolic Newtonian Astrograph (HNA) optics for the wide-field visual observation and astrophotography.
  • The combination of a lightweight sandwich hyperbolic primary mirror and a matching custom corrector provides excellent wide-field performance for both visual observation and astrophotography, with numerous advantages over existing solutions:
  • Superb on-axis image quality, with a Strehl ratio greater than 0.99. Much better overall performance than a parabolic mirror with a Ross corrector.
  • Meets or exceeds the polychromatic performance of a parabolic mirror with a Wynne corrector, with much fewer problems from ghosting, baffling, and reflections.
  • Excellent optical performance for both wide field visual observation and astrograph at an unprecedented price/performance ratio.
  • The HNA corrector will be initially available in 3.5-inch versions with a Hubble Optics lightweight-sandwich primary mirrors, 12-inch to 40-inch. The delivery time is about 2-8 months. The complete optical set includes a lightweight-sandwich hyperbolic primary mirror, a high-quality secondary mirror, and a matching custom corrector assembly.
  • Our 2-stage Truss Tube OTA is optimized to minimize the thermal focal shift


In Display

Rosette Nebula (Hubble 12" f/4.27 HNA; the hydrogen alpha/R/G/B filters, SBIG STL11000M camera.

-Paul Zelichowski

M106 (Hubble 12" f/4.27 HNA; LRGB with 150 minutes of Luminance and 90 minutes each RGB, with 60 minutes of Hydrogen Alpha in place of red channel. SBIG STL11000M camera, Baader LRGB Ha S2 O3 Hb.

-Paul Zelichowski

IC1396 (Hubble 12" f/4.27 HNA. SBIG STL11000M camera.

-Paul Zelichowski

Orion Crab Nebula (Hubble 20" f/3.8 HNA. SBIG STL11000M camera, RGB 3.5 minutes (7X30 sec) for each filter)

-Paul Zelichowski

Pelican Nebula (Hubble 20" f/3.8 HNA. SBIG STL11000M camera: 9X10 minutes Hydrogen Alpha Filter)

-Paul Zelichowski

Crescent Nebula (Hubble 20" f/3.8 HNA. SBIG STL11000M camera: 9X10 minutes Hydrogen Alpha Filter)

-Paul Zelichowski

Horsehead Nebula (Hubble 20" f/3.8 HNA. SBIG STL11000M camera: RGB 30:20:20 and 80 minutes of Hydrogen Alpha)

-Paul Zelichowski

The Hyperbolic Newtonian Astrographs (HNA) Primary Mirrors

Diameter and f/# Plate Primary (US$) Pyrex Primary (US$)
12" f/4.0+ 1200 1850
14" f/4.0+ 1650 2550
16" f/3.8+ 2200 3200
18" f/3.8+ 3200 4500
20" f/3.5+ 4950 6450
24" f/3.5+ 8950 11750
24"-40" Contact Us Contact Us

The HNA corrector

HNA 2-element 99.5% broadband AR coating 3.5" corrector assembly: $1000

The complete HNA OTAs

The complete HNA OTA with 3.5" Feather Touch Focuser

Diameter and f/# Price (US$)
14" f/4.2 6,350
20" f/3.8 9,950
24" f/3.5 16,950