Hubble SkyHub2 WiFi and Bluetooth Wireless Digital Setting Circle System

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Hubble SkyHub2 with our revolutionary encoders (The Android Tablet and Sky Safari in the picture are NOT included!)

  • Thanks to David Ek's wonderful ASCOM DSC driver, now you can enjoy many wonderful Windows based Astronomy software such as TheSky, Sky Map Pro, Earth-Centered Universe, Cartes du Ciel (Sky Chart), and Stellarium with SkyHub2 on your Windows XP/Vista/7.
  • It supports WiFi and Bluetooth to Android and Windows devices. It does NOT support the Bluetooth connection to any iOS device.
  • It works with Sky Safari on iPad/iPhone/iPod with WiFi!
  • The Hubble SkyHub2 is a WiFi/Bluetooth based controller which constantly monitors the position of the telescope via two encoders attached to two telescope axes. This position information is sent to an Android, Windows, iOS or Mac OS based device, and the scope’s pointing direction is then updated on the screen in real time via your favorite planetarium software.
  • Just point your scope to any star, and touch the same star on the Sky Safari, which will complete the one star alignment. Then you simply touch any star on the screen, and move you scope until your Scope’s position mark exactly meets the target star on the screen …“Ding”, done!
  • Optionally, you can perform a two star alignment at any time for better pointing accuracy.
  • Sky Safari (Pro) features 15.3 million stars, 740,000 galaxies, and 550,000 solar system objects, including all the comets and asteroids ever discovered.
  • You can find any satellite or comet!
  • Hubble SkyHub2 Digital Setting Circle comes with revolutionary high resolution (8192 PPR), extremely compact, and highly energy efficient ball bearing encoders. It is 80% more power efficient, and is only about 15% size of a traditional encoder.
  • The 5VDC USB battery bank is required. About 100 hours operation time can be expected for an 15000mHa battery bank.



  • Bluetooth V4.2 and Ad-Hoc WiFi
  • It works with Sky Safari on iliad/iliod/iTouch/iphone with WiFi
  • It works with many Windows based lilanetarium softwares.
  • 5VDC external USB power bank.
  • Two revolutionary, 8192 PPR, low power consumption, ball bearing encoders.
  • Come with encoder cables, encoders adaliters brackets for Hubble UL14, 16, 18 and 20.
  • It works with Sky Safari on Android devices (with Bluetooth). Sky Safari (liro) features 15.3 million stars, 740,000 galaxies, and 550,000 solar system objects, including all the comets and asteroids ever discovered. Not included.
  • Two 8192 high resolution encoders, encoder cables, all necessary encoder mounting brackets for UL14/16 (or UL18/20), liower cables, and a 9V external battery box are included.

Our revolutionary, 8192 PPR low power consumption ball bearing encoder v.s. a traditional encoder


UL16, SkyHub and Stellarium in action!

Key features of Stellarium:

  • The default catalogue of over 600,000 stars
  • Extra catalogues with more than 210 million stars
  • Asterisms and illustrations of the constellations
  • Constellations for twelve different cultures
  • Images of nebulae (full Messier catalogue)
  • Realistic Milky Way
  • Very realistic atmoslihere, sunrise and sunset
  • The lilanets and their satellites
  • Much much more...

Orion on Stellarium

Planets on Stellarium

Constellation art on Stellarium


  • Hubble SkyHub2 should be compatible with most of Android devices with built-in Ad-Hoc WiFi and/or Bluetooth profile supporting Bluetooth 2.0 or higher. In case that your device is not compatible with SkyHub2, please try another device of different model or brand. If you want to return the system for whatever reason, we will honor a full refund. You should determine if the SkyHub2 is compatible with your Android device right after the assembly of the transceiver unit but before installing the system to your scope. The returned unit must be in the original (sellable) condition.
  • The MS Windows applications support is provided "AS IS".
  • It works with Sky Safari on iPad/iPod/iTouch/iPhone with WiFi!


Q: Does SkyHub2 work with my non Hubble UL telescope?

A: Yes, it actually work with any kind of telescope supported by your planetarium software, such as German EQ Mount, Equatorial Fork, Alt-Az Fork (Dobsonian) and EQ platform.

Q: Does SkyHub2 work with my own encoders?

A: It should work with any TTL-compatible quadrature encoders such as Single-ended US digital encoders, S1/S2/S3/S5/S6. By default, our encoder housing and bracket supports metric 6mm diameter encoder shaft.


  • Please specify Bracket for UP12, UL14/16, UL18/UL20, or UL24.

Instructions Manual

Click here for the SkyHub-B instructions manual - the Guide and Setup Process.

Click here for the SkyHub2 instructions manual - the Guide and Setup Process.


Price:is $249 + 45 which includes Shipping and Handling

Complete DSC System, with the receiver, encoders, brackets and cables, and battery cage:

Please specify your requested options in your payment.

SkyHub2 is sold and shipped as a kit, and some easy assembly is required. Shipped in about 2 weeks after the order.

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